Storage Kits

Placement and the storage of the inventory, supplies, fuels, other chemicals which are used as aid and the part of the inventory, semi-finished goods, finished products; all required one or another type of the storage kits. These storage kits may include; racks, shelves, boxes, containers, bins, baskets, trays or other such systems. All storage kits are a must for all the factories, manufacturing units, assembling lines, the factory stock & storerooms, the warehouses, cold storages, shopping mall, small shops, gift center, Online sale centers, the small corner outlets, hotels, office, restaurants and even the houses.


A large number and variety of the storage kits are available and displayed at the for same. These storage kits can be used to serve various purposes. Some are used just to distribute the products, inventory, supplies, semi-finished or finished products to the next workplace where they are further processed or to e distribute among the end users.


The specific purchaser can purchase the different storage kits by selecting the specific type of the storage kit as per its business requirements, nature of the product, manufacturing needs, marketing plan or the distribution strategy.


The hot popular type of the storage kits, available with us, is for the storage of the folders, file boxes, files, the paper documents and other paper products. Due to the very precise and delicate nature of the paper which causes the paper to decay in a moist & wet environment, polluted air or chemically contaminated air, the special type of the storage kits is used to store paper documents. The boxes are special and most popular system to store the products. The boxes can be fixed in the different types of the racks or shelves which are made with the blue or black steel. The steel shelves are also made with the boltless design to facilitate in the fabrication by the purchaser.