Shelving units are hot popular in all the industrial setups, such as, the factories, manufacturing units, assembly lines, the garages, the workshops, the shopping malls, the small shopping arcades, the street corner shops, the hotels, the restaurants, the small work places and so on.


Due to the smaller size but very strong and durable designs, the shelving units are hop popular in the United Kingdom market. One of the most popular and widely sold products is the garage shelving units. These shelving for garages are made with exceptionally heavy duty designs. Rust and oxidizing proof blue or black steel is applied to make these units.


What makes these shelving units hot popular is their boltless design which is unique in United Kingdom. The shelving for garages can be assembled and erected within few minutes by the ordinary buyer or purchaser without the help of the expert or skilled worker. To help and facilitate in the process of fabrication of the shelving, the detailed drawings and illustrated instructions are also shipped to your doorsteps. If you are willing to inspect he strength of the shelving before the purchase, you are invited to visit our site and see the thumbnails of the different joints or the shelving.


We have placed and displayed many types of shelving units for the different usages at our place for sale. The metal shelving for the garage are dispatched to your door steps with the United Kingdom. The maximum time to dispatch the ordered shelving units to your destination is 24 hours after the receipt of the confirmed order and payment.