Vertical Storage Racks

The vertical storage racks are used to place, display and store the sheets and other length material which are available for sale. This is specifically popular for the factories, assembly plants, the manufacturing units, the warehouses, the stockrooms of the furniture factories, the shopping malls, the shops of the construction materials, the small outlets and other such places.


One particularly important vertical storage racks unit is placed at our site for sale. This is designed to place and insert the steel, wood, chipboard or hardboard sheets in the vertical racks. Made with the very strong and heavy base, the racks are easier to place on the floor. The heavy weight of base enables it to sustain the weight of the vertical sheets.


The vertical sheet metal storage racks are made with the rust and oxidizing free blue or black steel. These vertical sheet storage rack units are ideally made for the small wood furniture shops to place the sheets of different sizes to remain available to be used for the making of the furniture. The vertical plate storage rack units play an important role for the safe placement of the steel sheets and long ladders of differing lengths.


You may place different types and kinds of the racks in the same rack as different bays are available to place them. The different bays help the categorization and recognition of the quality and the pricing of the sheets.

  • Vertical Storage Racks High Quality Workshop Blue Sheet Racks

    Vertical Storage Racks High Quality Workshop Blue Sheet Racks
    Price: £443.99 (Excl. Tax)