Sheet Racks

For the placement and the storage of the metal & steel sheets, the chipboard, the wood sheets, the PVC plastic, fiberglass or the glass sheets, the specially designed racks are used. These racks are vertical in nature and is placed on the floor. Made with the heavy base and multiple racks of differing heights, the sheet racks are ideal for the small outlets, shopping malls, the corner furniture & construction shops and the stockrooms for the inventory.   


The exceptionally strong and durable sheet racks, made by us, are available at our place at for sale. These sheet racks are made with different sizes and bays to keep and place the different types of sheets in the racks. You may place sheets, made with any material, in separate bays at the same time, still separately from each other.


Sheet metal rack units are made with the rust and oxidizing free blue or black steel. To keep the rack safe from environmental pollution, the factory chemical fumes, the chemically contaminated air, dust or acidic smoke, the racks are galvanized or painted with bright colors.


In the warehouses or the stockrooms, the different sheets racks are used to display sheet goods storage rack. Sometimes, the vertical sheet rack is not used to place the sheets but the horizontal sheet rack units are applied to place the sheets in horizontal position, simply on each other.

  • Sheet Racks Heavy Duty Industrial Workshop Multi Height Vertical Racks

    Sheet Racks Heavy Duty Industrial Workshop Multi Height Vertical Racks
    Price: £499.19 (Excl. Tax)