Mobile Containers

The storage and the distribution of the inventory, supplies, the lubricating oils, the different types and kinds of supplies, liquids, the inflammable fuels, semi-finished products and such other things to other premises within the premises has always a problem. Sometimes the disposal of the waste is equally a headache for the industrial management. To solve the problems, the large size container is made with the objective to use as the mobile containers. For the movement of the container from one place to the other within the premises, the wheels are fitted below them. 


One large mobile containers type is available at our place for sale. This is a part of the mobile storage solutions which is made for the heavy duty storage and the distribution. This heavy duty container is made with exceptionally strong and durable polypropylene plastic. The polypropylene plastic is declared good, safe and non-injurious for the human health by the Food & Drug Authority. So, this big sized mobile container can store and move the products, weighing up to 750 KG.


Mobile storage containers are mainly applied in the industries, factories, manufacturing units, assembly lines, the hotels and the restaurants to store and place the eatable and other liquids. In many places, the mobile container is used to place, store and dispose the industrial or organic waste in them which is then moved to the place where that is disposed.

  • High Quality Mobile Storage Truck Food Grade Polyethylene Material

    High Quality Mobile Storage Truck Food Grade Polyethylene Material
    Price: £154.80 (Excl. Tax)