Distribution Containers

A specific problem, faced at all the industrial and commercial establishments, is the distribution of the inventory, the finished products, semi-finished products, the supplies and the other things. This problem arises especially for the products which can be placed and stored in the open trays as these trays distribution containers are made without lid. These distribution containers are good for the placement of the good and products in the cold storages as these are made with grooves on the sides of the container which enables the stack on each other, i.e. these containers are stackable till the height of the ceiling.


These distribution containers are made with the very strong and durable polypropylene plastic which is declared safe and non-injurious to human health by the Food & Drug Authority. So,its major usage is to place the food and eatables in them. These distribution containers can be used to place and store the goods and items of small value and worth in open at the shopping malls, the small outlets, the restaurants, the gift shops, in the offices to place stationary & misc. documents and even on the homes.


All those places where the scarcity of the space is the issue, these large plastic storage containers are used to save the precious space in all the premises wherever these containers are used and stored.  The particular usage of these containers is for the distribution of the cooked or semi-cooked food items, the fruit, the vegetables, the meat, fish and other perishable organic food items as in these containers, the products can be placed in open. The stackable storage containers, available and placed at our place garageshelvingco.uk for sale, can be purchased in different sizes and capacities.

  • Solid Stackable Eurocontainers Light Grey Polypropylene Made

    Solid Stackable Eurocontainers Light Grey Polypropylene Made
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