Welcome to Garage Shelving Co Uk

We, at garageshelvingco.uk, offer a vaiety of garage shelving for use at different places. The shelving for garage offered by us is aimed to provide you easy while trying to store different kind of items on the shelves.


Our supplied garage shelving systems are aimed to provide attractive and durable shelving for garage. Our different kind of shelving for garage including the garage well shelving which is usually placed against the wall and it might also be hung to the wall.


The garage shelving come in different materials where the metal garage shelving is made for storing heavy items where the heavy duty shelving for garage is also used for the same purpose. While the plastic garage shelving is ideal for storing light weight products. The shelving supplied by us is made from long lasting and durable materials to ensure that the shelving don’t lose shape or get damaged after repeated usage or while storing heavy duty objects.


We offer a variety of shelving where you may choose from racking, shelving, storage kits and workplace accessories which are available at reasonable rates and no compromises are made on the quality of the boxes. We also make sure that the ordered items are shipped to the customer before time and we also make sure that the customer do not have to worry about the consignment size while ordering from us.